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Low temp and slow cooked BBQ is all we know at 5 Star BBQ and Catering Company!

We’re smokin’ brisket, chicken, ribs, and pork to precision with secret family Louisiana rubs from the founder, Jared Terry. Add a variety of made-from-scratch sauces and classic, cultivated side dishes, including smoky savory beans, rich cream corn, feathery caramel colored cornbread and more, and you’ll see why 5 Star BBQ & Catering Company is the prime place for your BBQ in Utah county.

So grab your family and friends and join us ’round our table at our southern-esque location in Orem, or let us bring our smokin’, southern comfort, home-cooked goodness to you!

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Enjoy our award winning,
smoked and cured to perfection,
Creekstone Brisket